Friday, September 14, 2007

Adventure Day with Zack

Today Zack and I went to College Park to IKEA, a place we both just adore, if only to look at things. For a short while, he played in the ball pit/play area, but quickly decided that he'd rather walk around with Mommy and see stuff. We only spent $35, but we did get Zack a new light thingee for his room. I looked for a photo, but couldn't find one. Essentially, it's a cobalt blue glass globe with a lighted base, and when the light is on, there are bubbles of air in the glass that gleam like stars.

He has more light show stuff than I know what to do with -- a lava lamp (which I just put away, now that we have the NEW light), a Sponge Bob lava lamp night light (small, plugs into the wall), a moving aquarium night light, and a wall-mounted star light (from IKEA last year, over there on the right).

After IKEA, Zack proclaimed that he wanted to go to a museum. Rick has been taking Zack to a bunch of Smithsonian museums the past couple of months, and he's hooked. All I can say is, thank goodness for my NUVI navigation system -- it has a function where I can search for places, like gas stations, restaurants, or (hey!) museums.
I discovered we were less than three miles from the College Park Aviation Museum, so off we went. For $6, we had a blast -- lots of interactive things for kids, ride-in planes in a play yard, and we got to make all these cool postcards with rubber stamps while we were there.
After that, Zack chose Pizza Hut for lunch, and then back home we trekked (an hour, in case you were wondering) to the bliss of naps. For both of us.

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  1. Anonymous12:58 AM

    What a great day for both of you!

    - Jen


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