Thursday, August 23, 2007

Zack's Swim Lessons

Unfortunately, this is the only photo that turned out so far – the lessons are indoor at the “warm pool” so it’s hot and steamy in there and I guess my lens fogged up.

Zack has his head back because Mr. Don was trying to teach them how to float on their backs, and told them to tilt their heads back. That day, he thought as long as his head was tipped back, he was swimming on his back – but what he was actually doing was treading water/swimming (he’s still “swimming” more upright than flat) with his head back the whole time. It was really funny and I didn’t have the heart to tell him how to do it the “right” way – he was having too much fun. Today, however, he did even better, got his legs up and now has NO problem dunking underwater.


  1. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Speedo makes really great kids' goggles, which you can find at the website. When our girls reached a certain point in their swimming lessons, they got their very own goggles as a congratulatory gift.

    - Jen

  2. I got him some Speedo ones that have dolphins on them, but they were gapping a little on one side -- I think the fact that the TYR ones have double straps in the back made them stay on his head better. I'm hoping the others will work for next summer!

  3. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Oh, and TAG you're it. Go to my blog for more info.

  4. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Wow this is erie - my name is Lori Anderson (by marriage) and I have 2 sons - the younger one named Zac (Zachary) and my zodiac sign is Aries... My son is much older that yours and I am 10 years older than you. I have 4 grandchildren now - three of them from my Zac. Weird, huh?

    Lori Anderson from Michigan


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