Saturday, August 18, 2007

Nice day out!

Yesterday I went to Intergem to shop for beads -- all I can say is, does the Dulles Expo Center NOT believe in air conditioning? Everyone was positively wilting. Beyond wilting. Melting. I got some tools and some nice things but thank goodness I didn't need much, because it was hideous in there.

Yesterday was also a good day for Zack -- he ate watermelon for the first time and had a great time at his class picnic/party. The summer day care/preschool has been SO good for him.

Today Rick, Zack, and I went for a drive. First stop was Tilghman Island, about 30 miles from here, looking for a place to put in kayaks (for a later date). We discovered that the area is very boat friendly, but not such a great place for kayaks. Next, we stopped in St. Michaels to buy Rick's favorite peppermint soap (which Zack has since stolen for his own). Then, we decided to drive to Oxford to look at houses we're interested in.

Along the way, we saw the sign for the Oxford/Bellvue Ferry, so we went that way, thinking we'd end up in Oxford. We didn't, we ended up in Bellevue, and lucky us, we got there five minutes before the ferry was leaving, and we were the last car on the boat. I've always wanted to ride the ferry, kept intending to take Zack on it, so we yay!

The ferry is said to be the oldest privately owned ferry in the nation. Zack was enthralled and thought it was the coolest thing in a long time. The trip didn't take long at all but was well worth it.

We then drove into Oxford, a tiny town that is just amazing, although the (very small) downtown is situated on a little spit of land that could be in a heap of trouble if hit by a hurricane -- you can see water on either side of the road. We've been looking at the houses in Cooke's Hope for future plans, but the prices are rapidly going up and up as they continue to build on the land (it used to be a huge farm). Lot prices in the new area are going for $200K, and that's just the LAND. It's a LOT of land but still. The one established neighborhood we went through, we just love, and we're keeping our eyes on it -- but then, there are a LOT of places we'd be happy in. We're happy where we are just because we're together, you know?


  1. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Sounds like a good day!

    Are you seriously thinking of moving?

    - Jen

  2. We're always looking -- when we bought this house, we knew we wouldn't be staying in it. But we don't have a time frame or are in a rush or anything. We're looking for the perfect house, the one we WILL stay in, so it'll take some time!


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