Thursday, August 02, 2007

Maryland Science Center Trip

This week we all went to the Maryland Science Center -- Rick, me, Zack, and his two older brothers, Ryan and Colin, who are home visiting from toiling at their PhD programs. They had a neat dinosaur exhibit, and we headed there first.

Zack got to practice finding dinosaur bones:

And stood in a dinosaur footprint:

And anything with a button or a dial, he had to mess with it!

Even the older guys got into it -- Ryan worked with a drill or some sort of equipment.

We also watched a VERY cool 3-D IMAX film about dinosaurs, and got to see the Baltimore night sky in the Planetarium, which Zack said was his favorite part.

Tomorrow Rick is taking the guys to the Maryland Zoo. I'm staying home for this one -- letting the guys hang out together. I love that Rick is such a great dad, planning all these neat things for them.

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