Monday, August 27, 2007

Back from Pennsylvania

We spent the weekend in Pennsylvania, where once again I exhibited at the Shippensburg Corn Festival. This is a one-day show in a rural town, and I always have done well there. We started setting up at 5am, and by 7am, the streets were full of people who said they came early (the show "officially" starts at 8am) to beat the heat. By noon, I'd made almost all my sales, because the heat got in the upper 90's (if not more so on the asphalt) and people just were wilted. I spent the entire show soaking a hand towel in ice water and wearing it around my neck, and on a couple of occasions, I just gave up and stuck my feet in the ice, but whatever it takes to stay cool! The show ended at 5pm and I was never so happy to get a cold shower -- and cold it was, not even a HINT of hot water.

It was well worth dealing with heat, because sales rocked. Thanks to everyone who came out!

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