Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Adventure Day

Today was overcast and off-and-on rainy, so Zack and I decided he could skip school today and we'd go on an Adventure. Our adventure wasn't all that exciting, I guess, but it involved a stop at Toys R Us, so it rocked!

First stop was Toys R Us for a new game. Zack and I have been playing the heck out of Go Fish, and we (read, I) decided we needed a new game. Zack chose "Ants in Your Pants" -- the Sponge Bob Edition. Since when did it get so HARD to find a regular toy that didn't have the price jacked up because it featured a licensed character? I can't even tell you how many Sponge Bob, Dora, and Simpsons editions of things there were on the shelves. Once we got home and started playing the game, we BOTH found out how hard it is to actually get those buggers into the pants, but it was fun flicking them at each other.

After Toys R Us, we went to a huge outlet mall, Arundel Mills, another 20 miles away. I say "outlet" in the loosest sense of the word. There are outlet editions of stores there, but there are more than a few regular stores, too. Nevermind, it has a Starbucks (first stop) and Bass Pro Shop (for seeing the huge fish tank) and one lap around the mall is exactly one mile, so we got some exercise. Zack happily acquired some new school clothes -- he honestly loves getting clothes and has serious opinions about what he likes.

Got home in time for a game of A in the P and then off to swim lessons, where he managed to completely submerge himself without getting a snoot-full.

Updated the web site a bit -- here are some things that haven't made it up there yet:

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  1. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Seriously, how in the hell do you get your ideas? Never, ever could I come even close.

    - Jen


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