Friday, July 13, 2007


Oh, what a week.

Sunday night I discover a couple of bug bites -- one on my tummy, one on the inside of my thigh. Whatever. Lovely little red spot, itches, ok.

Monday morning I get up, and the bites look a bit bigger. But still no big deal. I put on a pair of linen pants (to hide the bites, with shorts, ick) and go about my work.

Rick comes home with Zack around 4pm and I'm not feeling all that hot. He says, "Let me look at those bites."

OMG. They are now about 8" across, bright red, hot, and hard. Lovely.

Fortunately, our doctor had late hours that day, so we troop across town. By this time I'm very decidedly not feeling well, won't eat, and probably couldn't have driven myself home. The doctor says what we suspect -- spider bite. Maryland does have the Brown Recluse and I've seen enough nasty photos of what those bites can turn into to be more than a little worried.

We go home with a prescription for an antibiotic and I go to bed.

At 3am, I can't stand it anymore -- the pain has gone beyond bearable, and we wake up Zack and Rick drops me off at the ER so he can take Zack back home to bed. The doctor looks at it, says, yup, nasty, adds yet another antibiotic to the mix, gives me strong narcotic pain killers (Say Hallelujah) and warns that if they're not better in another couple days, go back to the doctor to have the excised. Which means cut. Open. Lovely.

Believe it or not, those pain killers don't work for as long as they're supposed to, and they're GOOD ones. I had NO idea anything could hurt like this. We went back to the doctor yesterday (I think? I've lost track of time) and he cut one open and hoped the other one would come along.

Today is my first day up for more than five minutes. I'm completely blown away that an insect bite could throw me off like this! And it's not over -- my leg and tummy are still not right, in fact skin is feeling dead (not good) so who knows where this will all end up.

The best we can come up with, since I wasn't outside, was that the spider bit me while we took a nap on Sunday afternoon. So now I have complete creepy-crawlies about the bed! Of course, it could have happened anywhere but still. Ick.

Anyway! That's where I've been all week.


  1. Anonymous6:39 PM

    That is so crazy! We have tons of spiders in the basement and they just give me the creeps... Hope you are feeling better soon and you don't have any more troubles.

  2. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Wow! How awful. Hope you're feeling better soon.

    - Jen

  3. Oh no! That's just HORRIBLE! I'd be freaking out, big time.

    I hope the docs can stay on top of it; I'm also glad you did NOT put up any spider pics, as some people do when they get bitten; that'd give me nightmares.

    Hang some cedar chips in some pantyhose/organza or something up in your bedroom, your son's room; spiders don't like it. Rough up the chips a bit first, to release some scent.

    Shoot, though, I don't know if that'll mesh with your son's sensory issues.


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