Saturday, July 28, 2007

Silversmithing class

Oh my! I did a lot of soldering today, a lot of sawing (breaking more than a few saw blades, they are so TINY), whacking things with a hammer, sanding, using a rolling mill, etc etc etc. I made a ring and a scarf pin so far -- the ring was sort of an accident and I didn't position the stone in the direction I really wanted, but it's my first attempt. Gotta learn somehow. Tomorrow I hope to set another stone and this time do a pendant.

There are so many ideas I have, but I have to be careful and not fill the house up with tools and try to just focus on a couple of things. Working with all that metal made me feel much more creative with my heavy-gauge wire, so I made several rings tonight (non-bezel, but very cool) and a necklace that I love. I'll have photos soon!


  1. Hey Lori - what a great name!
    Just wondered: what course did you have to do to learn all that souldering and metal working? And do you have to learn different techniques for silver? It has been my dream to learn how to do this.

  2. A lot of larger jewelry stores carry classes on specific skills, like a class on bezel setting, for instance. Also, if you have a college in your area, see if they have continuing ed classes -- they may have something. Museums often have things, too -- I'm looking at the Corcoran Museum in DC, in fact, at their jewelry making class, and it's an intensive program.

    BEST OF LUCK!!!!! :-)


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