Saturday, July 14, 2007

Macaroni Shells

If you've been reading this for a while, then you know we've had trouble with Zack and Sensory Integration Disorder pretty much sense birth, and that he's overcome most of it, except for eating issues, and that we made a big decision and decided NOT to have him go to Kennedy Kreiger for the Food Clinic.

OK. So we continue to put a small dish of what we're having on his table each night, don't make a big deal of it, etc. It usually sits and dries up and has to be thrown away, but he no longer throws conniptions at its very presence.

The other night, I wandered downstairs for a glass of water and Rick had put a small dish of tiny macaroni shells on his plate. I said, "OH, those are fun, look what I can do" and I put one on the end of my little finger. He also had a dab of whipped cream cheese on his plate to dip something or other in, and I said, "Look!" and barely dipped it in the cheese. I said, "Want to try?"

At this point, he should have said, "No thank you" with a look of disdain and horror on his face (at least he uses manner when denying sustenance). This time, he said, "Just a tiny bit?"

So I held it to his mouth, and he let his tongue touch it. I asked, "See? You like cream cheese, you'll probably like this", and he let me put it in his mouth.

He immediately started the gagging, but I quietly and calmly said, "Chew, hang in there, just chew" and he did, with many shudders and no throwing up this time. I asked, "Was it good?" and he said, "Yes, can I get Moon Sand now?" (We'd been telling him if he tried a new food, he could get this freaking Moon Sand he's seen on TV commercials).

I said, yes, he could tomorrow, and how proud I was of him for trying the new food. I then went to get my drink of water and stumbled back upstairs to bed (this is all going on during spider-bite-drama).

Later, Rick came up and said, "You won't believe this, but he ate ALL the shells, and asked for more". The only ones we had left had tuna mixed with them, so he wouldn't touch those, but who cares, my kid FINALLY ate pasta for the first time in his life. I'm so happy I could cry.


  1. Anonymous4:14 PM

    That's awesome!

    Baby steps, baby steps...

    So did you get the moon sand stuff and what is it exactly?

  2. Congratulations! Oh, how HARD is the being patient (like . . . for YEARS (for the most part, everyone's human!)) . . . . . so when moments like these come, it seems almost unbelievable! You want to do a double take, and you do inside, but you (at least I!) all of a sudden feel very careful inside, trying not to over-do something and ruin the progress!

    That is just great!

  3. We DID get the Moon Sand -- it's a little like a cross between playdoh and sand.


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