Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Harry Potter is coming!

I am so excited about the last (?) Harry Potter book! I started re-reading Book 6 last night because it's been so long and in just two chapters I'm back to being entranced. Don't you love it when you find a book that does that to you?

Quiet weekend planned -- way too much time on the roads lately, and since we live RIGHT off Route 50, which is the way to Ocean City beaches, just getting across town is a hassle in the summer, let alone a holiday weekend. I used to love to drive for no reason at all, but those days have long passed.

Zack is very excited about fireworks tonight -- we're not going to go right on the field where everyone else goes, but rather, stop at Dairy Queen to indulge his new love of ice cream and then go to another field to watch. We could actually watch the fireworks from our back porch, but we miss some of the low ones, so want to see if we can find a better spot.

I think the best fireworks I've ever seen were shot over Lake Michigan in Chicago. That was one hell of an event. We staked out a plot of ground with a picnic blanket and cooler around 2pm. If you didn't, forget it. The traffic literally stops on the highway when the fireworks go off -- people just get out of their cars and leave them there! I hate crowds, but that was very exciting, it was a gorgeous day, and one of those events that you just have to experience at least once.

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  1. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Sounds like fun! I love this holiday and watching the fireworks. We can see them from our front porch, which means fireworks while wearing pajamas.

    And, I'm SO excited about Harry Potter #7!!!! That entire weekend is planned around the mailman's arrival with my box!

    - Jen


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