Thursday, June 14, 2007

Off to Ocean City

We're leaving for Ocean City here in a bit for a new show (at least for me!), Art's Alive. I don't have a customer base in Ocean City, so it will be entirely new and I have no idea what to expect. The weather is supposed to be wonderful, which is a blessing. And after this show, I have a break from the circuit until August 11th. I'm going to need that break to get ready for the fall shows and Christmas shoppers. I can't believe I'm thinking about that while it's summer, but if I don't, it'll catch up with me.

It will also give me some time to do some new things. I've been wanting to try some new directions with my jewelry, but haven't had a lick of time, and my goal now is to take each Friday and make that my "experimentation" day.

I'll leave you with some pictures of recent jewelry -- you can see more at

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