Monday, June 04, 2007

New Necklace

This is a fast photo and therefore not all that hot, but I wanted to test out my new dressmaker's dummy (the latest prop for my booth!) and this necklace was perfect as a test product.

A bit about it:

I've been fortunate to obtain several handmade pendants by artist Sandra Miller. I've been hoarding them for a while, but finally will start to share them!

Sandra is a phenomenal glass artist. Each pendant is made using fused glass, and she regularly experiments, trying new things to make each piece a work of art unto itself. To see more of her amazing work, click here. In case you're curious, I own 109, 179, 206, 211, and 262, among others! As you'll see from many of her photos, her work is inspired by her vast world travels. All of this she accomplishes with significantly diminished eyesight.

This pendant begged for something interesting, so I tried a new wire technique, creating little branches, each adorned with either a crystal or a pearl. I need to rearrange some of the branches, but overall, I like it! Let me know what you think!

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  1. Wow! Definitely a keeper. And, definitely experiment more. :-)


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