Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I bought so many beads at Bead and Button this year that I had to go and buy another suitcase to bring them home. Granted, I did buy some tools and things that were large and bulky, but I did a lot of damage on the bead front. Here's just a taste:

These are from one of my favorite artists, Joan Miller. She makes all of her beads with porcelain.
I love this little hippo ballerina, and she'll be hanging from my rear view mirror tomorrow! I have a different bead in the middle (still in pink and purple, but different) but this gives you an idea. You can buy your own at http://www.pennymichelle.com/

This is a LARGE bead -- 3" wide! I watched Shannon Hill's video at the booth and finally learned how inside-out beads are made -- not an easy task!

Next is a very cool bead by Nancy Tobey. She called it "Ode to Athleticism"because it's a kayak paddle! And since we just started kayaking this year, I had to get it.

Finally, some fun beads that I nabbed -- they'll probably end up in a Treasures necklace at some point!

I had to pick up another starfish (or sea star, as I've been told they now prefer to be called) at Stephanie Sersich's booth:

And a lovely frosted lampwork flower for ME -- this one is large and soooo pretty, by Sorella Beads.

And that is just a tiny tiny bit of what I got. Add to that lots of cool gemstones, vintage chain, more lampwork glass, etc etc etc! So now you'll just have to visit http://www.lorianderson.net/ on a regular basis to see what I do with all the new goodies!

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