Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pink Wings

Last Halloween, Zack was a jet. Today, he decided he wanted to be a jet again. He went into the craft closet and the first paper he grabbed was this hot pink stuff. I never argue about colors with him -- he likes what he likes and I'm not stifling creativity! I drew the outline of a wing on the paper, gave him scissors, told him not to get frustrated if he went outside the lines, and left him to it.

First off, he cut along the lines perfectly -- it's like he woke up and all of a sudden he can cut (I swear he learns things in his sleep). But he decided that he liked the OUTER pieces -- the two thinner pieces that were left after he cut out the one wing -- and wanted THOSE as his wings. I thought that was a good eye to see something out of what most people would have called scraps.

The only string I could find was organza ribbon I use to wrap packages, so we kept with the pink motif and tied those on. Couldn't have had a happier kid! Sometimes, when he does things like this, I love him so much it hurts.

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