Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Best Boy

I LOVE this photo that I just took. Zack is showing off the shirt his Daddy got him and his new Mickey Mouse Crocs, and when I said, "Let's take a picture,", he had to go find a "car that matched".

Today we were waiting for an elevator and Zack asked about the buttons that require fireman keys, and before I could say anything, he said, "OH! On and off!". And sure enough, the key pad said "ON" and "OFF". I didn't know he could read anything. To make sure, I asked him which one said "ON" and he got it right. So who knows WHAT this kid can read?

I also got a phone call yesterday that they have a spot for him (three weeks early!) for summer preschool, so we're all doing a happy dance. He's been walking around the house with his little lunch box, all ready to go on Monday.

He's my best boy.

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