Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I need 28-hour days

I so need 28-hour days. I have two consecutive weekends of shows, then the Bead and Button buying trip... and I have no idea when Kennedy Krieger is going to call and say Zack got a slot at the hospital. When that happens, there's 6-8 weeks of no working on jewelry at all unless it's the weekend. But being this busy is a GOOD thing, it means business is good, and I shouldn't complain a single bit.

This past weekend was a fun one. Saturday, I met my friend Laurel in Chantilly, VA, to buy beads at Intergem. I haven't been able to buy at one of those shows since February, so had a lot of catching up to do! When we lived in Frederick, MD, Laurel was our next door neighbor, and she recently got into beading. Her work is wonderful, earthy and organic, with lovely natural stones. I'm not a bit surprised that she is so good right from the beginning -- if you had ever seen her flower gardens, you would know this lady has an eye for color and texture and beauty!

While we were there, I got "spotted" twice. The first time, I was looking through gemstones, and someone asked if I had exhibited at the Baltimore Intergem (I had) because she had bought things from me. The second time was very cool -- I was minding my own business, sorting through some pearls, and this lady looked at me and said, "Are you Lori Anderson?". I was totally floored. She had bought jewelry from me last fall, and she said that she looked at me and then looked at the jewelry I was wearing and thought it was me. I couldn't believe she remembered me OR my name! All of this may sound so silly, but it certainly made me smile!

Then Saturday evening, our friends from our Air Force days, Jesse and Steph, came to visit with their nearly-2-year-old, Katherine. Zack loved having a little girl to "show how to do things", and Rick and I enjoyed having grown up company! Sitting around the kitchen table, talking about current events and telling stories -- 'twas great.

All the eye candy throughout this entry I made in between bead shopping and visiting with friends. You can see more at www.lorianderson.net


  1. Are you trying to get me into trouble with such amazing temptations as these gorgeous bracelets?!? :-)

  2. LOL! The middle two actually reside in my jewelry box now! I so rarely keep anything I make that I thought I'd snag those (at least for a while!)


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