Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Catching Up!

I've been working pretty much non-stop on making jewelry the past week. Rick and Zack went to Virginia Beach to help a friend move, and are coming back tomorrow. I've been here since Saturday working working working, but still feel so far behind! Of course I always feel that way, so what else is new!

In the evenings I've been decompressing with books. I finished "Charity Girl" which was quite good, although a really unusual subject. It's based on fact --- back in WWI, the was a government campaign to imprison women who'd contracted "social diseases," to keep them from making the soldiers too "sick" to go to war. Sounds outrageous, but it happened! Anyway, the book was really interesting.

I'm now reading the third book in Stephen King's Dark Tower series, "The Waste Lands". I have a love-hate relationship with these books. As a rule, I love Stephen King, minus a few "what the hell was he thinking?" books. Ages ago I tried to read the first Dark Tower book and it made so little sense that I abandoned it after a few chapters. But now there are seven books and I guess I've been wondering what the fuss is about. So while I wait for other books to come in off reserve at the library, I'm tackling these. I can't say I LOVE them, but after slogging through the first one, they've at least become more entertaining. Sort of.

OK, back to work. I am one of a few vendors at the annual Maryland Breast Cancer Survivor's Tea this Sunday, so have some awareness-specific jewelry to get done. I attended last year it was an amazing event -- all of those ladies were just so inspiring.

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