Thursday, May 24, 2007


OK, I know I've said this before, but now I really REALLY mean it. I will not get sucked into reading another James Patterson book ever again. I read The 6th Target and it was awful. I think if Patterson didn't write his chapters as two pages so it goes fast, I'd never read him in the first place, but I just keep getting sucked in. I'm done!

Harlan Coben's The Woods, though, was good. I've read several of his books in the past and they kept me thinking, "just a few more pages" until well past my bedtime. This one was no exception.

So now that those two are off my library list, I'm back to finishing all of Stephen King's Dark Tower books. And OH I just saw there's a new King/Bachman book coming out in June -- Blaze! Something to look forward to, along with the new Harry Potter.

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