Thursday, May 31, 2007


Last night I had a dream about someone from my past, someone I've not talked to in about eight years. This was someone that was an integral part of my life for a period of time, but I don't even know where they are now. I wonder, do people ever remember me in their dreams, some out-of-the-blue blast-from-the-past?

Interesting to ponder.

My Best Boy

I LOVE this photo that I just took. Zack is showing off the shirt his Daddy got him and his new Mickey Mouse Crocs, and when I said, "Let's take a picture,", he had to go find a "car that matched".

Today we were waiting for an elevator and Zack asked about the buttons that require fireman keys, and before I could say anything, he said, "OH! On and off!". And sure enough, the key pad said "ON" and "OFF". I didn't know he could read anything. To make sure, I asked him which one said "ON" and he got it right. So who knows WHAT this kid can read?

I also got a phone call yesterday that they have a spot for him (three weeks early!) for summer preschool, so we're all doing a happy dance. He's been walking around the house with his little lunch box, all ready to go on Monday.

He's my best boy.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!

We got back from Connecticut today around lunch time and I promptly went to bed for a much-needed nap -- I never sleep well when I do a show. I'm glad this one is over. I understand that if you do an outdoor show, you should expect heat, but it's an entirely different thing being in a building with no A/C and no air movement! Uck.

I made a few pieces before I left, and they all sold, so thought I'd share them here:

You can see more handcrafted bead jewelry at

Thursday, May 24, 2007


OK, I know I've said this before, but now I really REALLY mean it. I will not get sucked into reading another James Patterson book ever again. I read The 6th Target and it was awful. I think if Patterson didn't write his chapters as two pages so it goes fast, I'd never read him in the first place, but I just keep getting sucked in. I'm done!

Harlan Coben's The Woods, though, was good. I've read several of his books in the past and they kept me thinking, "just a few more pages" until well past my bedtime. This one was no exception.

So now that those two are off my library list, I'm back to finishing all of Stephen King's Dark Tower books. And OH I just saw there's a new King/Bachman book coming out in June -- Blaze! Something to look forward to, along with the new Harry Potter.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pink Wings

Last Halloween, Zack was a jet. Today, he decided he wanted to be a jet again. He went into the craft closet and the first paper he grabbed was this hot pink stuff. I never argue about colors with him -- he likes what he likes and I'm not stifling creativity! I drew the outline of a wing on the paper, gave him scissors, told him not to get frustrated if he went outside the lines, and left him to it.

First off, he cut along the lines perfectly -- it's like he woke up and all of a sudden he can cut (I swear he learns things in his sleep). But he decided that he liked the OUTER pieces -- the two thinner pieces that were left after he cut out the one wing -- and wanted THOSE as his wings. I thought that was a good eye to see something out of what most people would have called scraps.

The only string I could find was organza ribbon I use to wrap packages, so we kept with the pink motif and tied those on. Couldn't have had a happier kid! Sometimes, when he does things like this, I love him so much it hurts.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I need 28-hour days

I so need 28-hour days. I have two consecutive weekends of shows, then the Bead and Button buying trip... and I have no idea when Kennedy Krieger is going to call and say Zack got a slot at the hospital. When that happens, there's 6-8 weeks of no working on jewelry at all unless it's the weekend. But being this busy is a GOOD thing, it means business is good, and I shouldn't complain a single bit.

This past weekend was a fun one. Saturday, I met my friend Laurel in Chantilly, VA, to buy beads at Intergem. I haven't been able to buy at one of those shows since February, so had a lot of catching up to do! When we lived in Frederick, MD, Laurel was our next door neighbor, and she recently got into beading. Her work is wonderful, earthy and organic, with lovely natural stones. I'm not a bit surprised that she is so good right from the beginning -- if you had ever seen her flower gardens, you would know this lady has an eye for color and texture and beauty!

While we were there, I got "spotted" twice. The first time, I was looking through gemstones, and someone asked if I had exhibited at the Baltimore Intergem (I had) because she had bought things from me. The second time was very cool -- I was minding my own business, sorting through some pearls, and this lady looked at me and said, "Are you Lori Anderson?". I was totally floored. She had bought jewelry from me last fall, and she said that she looked at me and then looked at the jewelry I was wearing and thought it was me. I couldn't believe she remembered me OR my name! All of this may sound so silly, but it certainly made me smile!

Then Saturday evening, our friends from our Air Force days, Jesse and Steph, came to visit with their nearly-2-year-old, Katherine. Zack loved having a little girl to "show how to do things", and Rick and I enjoyed having grown up company! Sitting around the kitchen table, talking about current events and telling stories -- 'twas great.

All the eye candy throughout this entry I made in between bead shopping and visiting with friends. You can see more at

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Chains, chains, and more chains!

I got a lot of chain maille done -- take a look!

Two Shows, then Bead and Button Trip!

I have two shows, and then it's off to Milwaukee, WI for Bead and Button! If you haven't heard of that, it's a HUGE bead show put on every June by Bead and Button magazine. LOTS of handmade glass, among other things. They teach a ton of classes, but I'm only going for the end of the week shopping.

I went a couple of years ago, when I was in the relatively early stages of my business, and went wild buying things. Now that I know a little more about beads and vendors and my business in general, I wonder if it will cause my spending to go UP, or down? I'm hoping to keep my "OMG I MUST HAVE THAT!" muse quiet. At least for a little bit. This time, I made a list of booths that I must see, and will target those first, and then just have fun the rest of the time. Three days, all day, of bead shopping, can you say hey, Hallelujah.

The real highlight of the trip really isn't about the beads -- it's about meeting a bunch of online friends I've made. A number of us have been planning this trip together for months now, and I can't believe it's almost here!

To see what all the beads turn into when they grow up, check out for a peek at handcrafted artisan jewelry.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I took my first Pilates class today -- who knew that little leg circles could hurt so much? I'll be lucky if I can walk tomorrow. It was a mat-based class -- would love to try out the equipment in professional Pilates studios but it does look a little like medieval torture equipment!

Jewelry -- here's a new piece that made my eyes hurt. The rings are TINY and it took a long time but it's DONE. I haven't figured out the price yet, but I think it's going to HAVE to be in the neighborhood of $150 -- I used Niobium and copper. Copper, not so expensive. All that Niobium -- yup. But it feels silky and slinky and is unusual and really cool, if I do say so myself!
You can see more at

Attention all Knitters!

If you love to make scarves, socks, or other cold-weather knitwear and would like to donate, take a look at this page:

One of the great things about it is, you're making things to send to Mongolia, but you mail them to Arizona, and if you get them there by July 1, they will be taking them over personally. And if you are stuck on patterns, they have some free ones listed.

More information about the Dulaan Project and the FIRE organization is here:

Monday, May 14, 2007

Catching Up -- Books

I haven't posted recently about books I'm reading, so will try to catch up.

I tried reading "Burning Bright" by Tracey Chevalier. I liked her book "Girl With Pearl Earring" but I just could NOT get into this book. It moved way too slowly for me. So I never made it to the end. The premise was good -- William Blake's England -- but it went back to the library half-finished.

A while back, I mentioned my attempt at Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series. I love Stephen King, have read all his books, EXCEPT that particular series. I'd tried the first one ages ago, and it made no sense to me whatsoever, so I gave it up and wrote that series off. But recently I gave it a go again. Once I got through the first book, it was ok -- the second one was better, but the third, "Wizard and Glass", really kept my attention, and I'm well into the fourth, "Wolves of the Calla".

When I was at Barnes and Noble the other day, I noticed that Anita Shreve has a new book out, so I'll be getting into that one before too long. I also joined for the umpteenth time QPB so I have a stack of books waiting to be read -- I love when that stack is piled high!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope you had a great one!

My Mother's Day present was a new kayak! I bought Rick and I a tandem kayak for Christmas, and we've been out in it together a couple of times (he and Zack alone many more) and we finally came to the realization that we just can't do a tandem kyak -- our heights and arm length and all that is too different for us to get our paddle strokes in synch, and Zack really grooves on having his own seat. So I'm now the proud owner of a Heritage 12' Featherlite (in red).

We went out on the Choptank River today, and it was just perfect. It's only about a 5 minute drive to put in, and the river at Kingston Landing is quiet, in the middle of a wildlife preserve. I have no idea what kind of work-out I'm getting, but I'm enjoying it, and Zack loves it, too!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

New Jewelry Genre

I've been captivated by altered art. It definitely takes a lot longer to make pieces and requires a lot more artistic mindset, but the result is a truly unique, one of a kind piece. Not for everyone, of course, but that's why I make so many different types of jewelry.

Here are two pieces I just completed. The chains are brass, and the charms are made from everything from an embellished guitar pick to keys to buttons from my vintage button collection.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thought For the Day

I just got a catalog in the mail from a local holistic learning center called Evergreen Cove and there was a quotation in there that I liked:

When I was young,
I used to admire intelligent people;
As I grow older,
I admire kind people.

-- Abraham Joshua Heschel

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Kayaking and Jewelry

Now that the weather is warmer, we've started kayaking. Zack LOVES it. He thinks he's just the King of the World trailing his hands in the water. We have the tandem, which has room for Zack to sit in the middle, but we have to figure something out -- he ends up sitting in water (but not complaining a bit) and that's just not good. Today he was so wet I had to strip him completely naked and wrap him in a blanket to make the trip home. He thought that was funny.

I think I've finally come to terms with the fact that I will NEVER be caught up. Ever. It just won't happen. So I'm rolling with it. As long as orders get in the mail and I update the web site regularly, the business will take care of itself. Now I'll just repeat that three times and click my heels and all will be well.

Leaving you with some eye candy --

Sunday, May 06, 2007

absolutely amazing artist

I love this artist, but can't afford a thing. She creates these fairies completely by hand and this one is just the best yet:

Her talent is utterly astonishing.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Breast Cancer Jewelry

I'm leaving in a few minutes to cross the bridge and spend the night with a friend -- tomorrow is the Breast Cancer Survivor's Tea, but it's also the annual Bay Bridge Walk - they close down one span of the Bay Bridge and it snarls up traffic for hours, so I'm not even going to risk it! Tara and her husband and I are planning on hitting a Mexican restaurant tonight for Cinco de Mayo, so will be FUN!

Here's some of the pieces that I'm taking with me tomorrow:

And you can see more at my web site, on the awareness jewelry page:

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


A few things to look at -- earrings made from the newest cut of Swarovski crystal; a really wonderful necklace featuring a HUGE larimar pendant and a lot of Bali sterling silver beads; a custom bracelet I made with felted yarn beads; and a fun, springy bracelet chock full of handmade lampwork. If you're interested in anything, email me, and be sure to visit for more!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Catching Up!

I've been working pretty much non-stop on making jewelry the past week. Rick and Zack went to Virginia Beach to help a friend move, and are coming back tomorrow. I've been here since Saturday working working working, but still feel so far behind! Of course I always feel that way, so what else is new!

In the evenings I've been decompressing with books. I finished "Charity Girl" which was quite good, although a really unusual subject. It's based on fact --- back in WWI, the was a government campaign to imprison women who'd contracted "social diseases," to keep them from making the soldiers too "sick" to go to war. Sounds outrageous, but it happened! Anyway, the book was really interesting.

I'm now reading the third book in Stephen King's Dark Tower series, "The Waste Lands". I have a love-hate relationship with these books. As a rule, I love Stephen King, minus a few "what the hell was he thinking?" books. Ages ago I tried to read the first Dark Tower book and it made so little sense that I abandoned it after a few chapters. But now there are seven books and I guess I've been wondering what the fuss is about. So while I wait for other books to come in off reserve at the library, I'm tackling these. I can't say I LOVE them, but after slogging through the first one, they've at least become more entertaining. Sort of.

OK, back to work. I am one of a few vendors at the annual Maryland Breast Cancer Survivor's Tea this Sunday, so have some awareness-specific jewelry to get done. I attended last year it was an amazing event -- all of those ladies were just so inspiring.

Visit my web site at -- and tell me what you think!