Monday, April 02, 2007

Soup Is Good Food

I just purchased a HUGE collection of what I call "Bead Soup" -- a ton of different beads, small, medium, large, Czech, crystal, gemstone, all tossed together to create a wonderfully beautiful pot of fun. This lady had been collecting beads over the past 20 years and was getting rid of things, and I lucked into it.

It all arrived in three HUGE boxes. All together, I think it was at LEAST 30 pounds. And not just cool soup -- tools, soldering stuff, findings, organza bags, vintage stuff -- and I have only opened two boxes so far!

Sorting things has always been a thing I do to go a little "zen" and calm down the nerves, and I'm really getting into all this sifting through the treasure now! And Zack has his own little pile to play with. No way Mommy could get beads without him getting some, too!

See what beads turn into at

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  1. oooh, sounds have fun, enjoy discovering some treasures! hope it inspires you!


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