Saturday, April 07, 2007

Book Review -- Nineteen Minutes

I'm a BIG fan of Jodi Picoult. I've had the pleasure of exchanging a couple of emails with her and she's a bright lady. She does so much research before she writes, and each of her books is just an amazing read.

"Nineteen Minutes" is an important books for parents of kids to read. It tells the story of a Columbine-like school shooting, and the stories of the people's lives that lead up to it. Go to Jodi's web site,, and read the interview about the book -- it's great.

This book made me worry and hope at the same time for the happiness of my child, and also to wish that as parents, we spent less time pushing our kids to be smart/athletic/competitive and more time teaching them how to be kind. My hope is that I can teach Zack to understand the differences in people; to recognize his importance in the grand scheme of life; to be nice, even when being nice isn't the popular thing to be. And I hope like all hell that he never is bullied or teased -- and since I know that's just part of growing up, I'll just hope that he always feels he can come to me for help and love and support.

I finished reading the book at 3am and immediately went into Zack's room to watch him sleep, and I wish I could put into words the things I felt. If you're a mom, though, you already know.

Read this book.

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