Saturday, March 17, 2007

New Jewelry

Still working hard at the jewelry -- it's an every day thing (if I'm lucky). I've been working on some more time-intensive pieces -- going to test market those at Intergem in April. Here's some of what I've done, and I uploaded a ton of stuff at my web site,

This one is called "Chili Pepper Rose Garden" and it is my current favorite. I was working on it at the local coffee shop and a guy wanted to buy it for his girlfriend, but I wasn't done making it yet. I learned the technique from Stephanie Sersich, who is utterly amazing -- her site is

This one is called Ne Plus Ultra, and there really is nothing like it. The photo stinks, so not sure if this will make it to the web site or not. It's LONG, and made with cultured pearls, Bali silver, and these amazing 10mm vintage Vitrail Light Swarovski crystals -- tons of them. So it won't be cheap, but it WILL be amazing.

This one is really neat and is called "Copper Roof". The lampwork glass utilizes a very cool press that reminds me of Victorian ceiling tiles, and the copper ceramic is gorgeous. There are matching earrings, too.

I learned this technique from Jen Cook of . There are lots and lots of gemstones wired to a sterling silver core -- onyx, moonstone, mother of pearl, crystal quartz, and labradorite. The lampwork bead is made by Encircle Designs. It's called "Creme de la Creme".

And another fun and whimsical bracelet a la Stephanie Sersich -- the colors are a riot and it's just impossible to have a bad day while wearing this. It's called "Imagination".

Like what you see? There's more artisan jewelry at


  1. Lovely work...your blog is fun and inspiring!!!!

  2. Oh wow, thanks! I personally love your Mixed Media work!


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