Saturday, March 24, 2007

My studio space

I don't think I've ever posted what my work space looks like, so now that the remodeling of my office is done, I thought I'd share.

I work in two areas -- my office, which houses my computer/shipping/photography area, and the kitchen table, where I make everything.

Shall we start the tour?

This is my office. We ripped out the carpet, installed laminate wood floors, painted the walls periwinkle, and got new office furniture (my Christmas present). The bookcase houses some of my favorite things, like a big vase of vintage buttons and wooden spools, an amazing china tea cup, handpainted plates, things like that. Then I have boxes of supplies that don't fit in the beading cabinet -- all my mixed media stuff, rubber stamps, decorative papers, etc.

On the wall opposite my desk is my photography set up. Since taking this picture, I now have lots of artist postcards on the wall -- these lovely cards from my favorite bead artists. The to-the-floor table drape hides all kinds of stuff, including major dust bunnies. Dust elephants, more likely.

Opposite the large bookshelf is this smaller bookshelf, full of bead catalogs. The calendar/bulletin board/folder rack was a gift two Christmas's ago, but it was black. Colin painted it white for me, and voila, it's a perfect match. The white bucket is full of yarn. The postal scale and shredder live there, and as you can see, Zack-Man likes looking at the bead catalogs, too. It also seems that the trash can is ALWAYS full. I swear -- it just never seems to stay empty.

On to the kitchen! This is the cleanest you'll ever see the table, I promise you. I pull out beads for one project, but then they spark an idea, and I pull out more, and that just keeps going exponentially.

I love being able to look outside while working, and have the doors open for breeze. The cute little cups on the table the aqua ones, are these fun pots from a wonderful artist I see at several shows ( and silver scraps go in one and other scraps go in the other. They have sea horses on them, and I love having colorful, whimsical things all over the place.

And finally, my stash! This is another gift from my husband, this terrific hutch made by -- and since the photo was taken, those bottom drawers got filled, too! It's scary how many beads I have, yet still need to buy more on a weekly basis. When I'm sitting at the kitchen table, this is right behind me, so super-convenient. And to the right of the cabinet is my craft closet, which has a gazillion things, from my wire-work tools to Zacks PlayDoh. And there's yet another closet that is the Shipping Closet -- full of boxes, bubble wrap, tissue paper, and various props for my craft shows.

I hope you enjoyed your tour! If you'd like to see the finished product of my work, visit, and you'll see the handcrafted jewelry I make virtually every day.

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