Thursday, March 29, 2007

Good Day!

Zack went to the dentist today. He loves the dentist but I'm sure that's in large part to his going to a pediatric dentist rather than a "big people's" dentist. They have different theme rooms, they get to pick a video to watch while their teeth are being cleaned - it's great. Expensive, but great. He had no cavities, yay!

After a play date, Zack and I baked cupcakes (Happy Birthday to me -- there is no WAY I am 38). Zack chose everything -- chocolate cake, white icing, green sugar sprinkles, neon candles. He had a blast but was covered in chocolate.

We decided to take Zack to one of our favorite restaurants, rather than choose a "kid" restaurant. We love General Tanuki's, so off we went. Zack did FABULOUS. They had a cheese quesadilla, which I knew he'd eat, so I ordered that for him, but when it came out, they had used a speciality tortilla, so it was red/pink, and it had chopped chives on it. Rick and I cut a quick glance at each other, but I brushed off the "green", as Zack calls it, and he ate it! I was impressed. He tried ginger ale but hated it -- "too salty" and he doesn't like the bubbles, but that's fine, no need getting addicted to sodas just yet.

Tomorrow Rick is taking off work, so I can sleep in and then go get a pedicure. NICE!

All in all, a very pleasant birthday!

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  1. Hooray Zach!! (Yucky chives I don't blame him lol!)I'm glad to hear that the food clinic appt. went well too. 6mths is a long wait list but on the pos. side it's good to hear that they can help him.


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