Friday, March 02, 2007

Adventure Day

Today Zack and I decided to have an “adventure” and took a two-hour trip to Alexandria, VA. There’s a high-end paper store there I wanted to visit (Paper-Source -- I could spend hundreds there), and I took Zack to the Torpedo Factory (an art museum with working studios – it used to be a (you guessed it) torpedo factory back in WWI. He loved it. I guess growing up with me running to yarn stores and bead stores and the galleries in DC, he's gotten an appreciation for color, plus the place is just so interesting!

We also visited a VERY cool toy store in Old Town Alexandria called "Why Not?". It's the best toy store! Not only does it have two stories of great toys, but it has the BEST clothes for little ones. Granted, they do cost more, but you won't see them anywhere else. And the toys are creative and interesting. He got this most excellent Marble Run toy that took me forever to put together but is entertaining the heck out of him. I found a place where you can buy this brand of toy, and holy cow -- there are a LOT of cool marble runs. His big brother is coming home next week and I don't know who is going to have more fun.

In looking online for this toy, I found a store that has TONS of cool things like this --

The drive back took almost twice as long, unfortunately, due to the DC 495 Beltway getting shut down for a big accident with Hazmat -- they detoured all those lanes of traffic off and then it wasn't terribly intuitive how to pick the interstate back up. Thank goodness for Rick being on the cell phone for me -- he got me around Andrew's Air Force Base and back onto 495 and we got home at last.
Fun day!

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