Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Stephanie Sersich Necklace Class

I had the distinct pleasure of taking another class with Stephanie Sersich at UBead2 on Monday. TOTALLY worth the 2+ hour drive to Pennsylvania. Two years ago I took the Spinky Knotte Bracelet class with her at UBead2, and this time it was the Gypsy Necklace class. I learned some new tips and tricks and had a great time. Plus, UBead2 has some of the best beads, and they're so friendly!

Yesterday I just crashed, and read books in bed. I finished Jeffrey Archer's "False Impression" and a surprisingly wonderful book by Sara Gruen called "Water for Elephants". "Water for Elephants" was about circus life in the 1930's, and while a fiction book, was well researched, and had a lot of interesting photos the author got from various circus archives. An interesting read!

OK, now for more YouTube.... Rick pointed these out to me (apparently they didn't work all that hard one day at work!). "White and Nerdy" is by (who else) Weird Al Yankovic. I first watched the green-screen version, which has Al singing and Donny Osmond dancing in the background. Dancing. Um. He's just hilarious, and he's winging it the whole time, which makes it that much funnier to me for some reason..... That video is here:

White and Nerdy, Take 1

And then, the final version, equally funny (and I was able to understand the words better) --

Have fun!

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