Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Roses, Recovery, and Books

I'm sitting here absolutely surrounded by the wonderful smell of roses -- Rick treated me a day early!

Mmmmm, yummy.

Surgery went well, but I'm thankful for pain pills! I've been catching up on reading while recovering. I read another James Patterson book (and I said I wouldn't) but this one was actually decent -- "Judge and Jury". Then I tried reading "Paint It Black" by Janet Fitch but just couldn't get into it. I think I just couldn't relate at ALL to the characters. She wrote a super book in "White Oleander" but this one, not so much.

I'm now reading "Small World", which is Tabitha King's first. She's Stephen King's wife, ya know. Interesting, and I can see that those two are a match!!!

So did bad weather hit you? We got a fair amount of ice today, and I'm wondering if it will be enough for the dentist office to be closed tomorrow (!). I have to admit that I love this stuff as long as I don't have to get out in it, and Rick can stay at home (which he did).

Jewelry -- I'm taking a small break from making it, but have been updating the web site. I have to work my tail off for a while, as I have two huge shows in April (three days each, with big crowds) and so haven't had quite as much time to post as I would like. There's a big bead show coming up soon, and I'll stock up on some things and look out for some new stuff. I have a show next month, too, a fund-raiser for Ovarian Cancer, so need to make some awareness jewelry for that.

If you're interested, my show listing is here:


and I'm still getting applications out and notices in, so it will get updated regularly.

'night, everyone!

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