Monday, January 29, 2007

A Trip to OK, and Books

I just got back from visiting friends Jen and Andy in Oklahoma, where she's stationed. It was the first time I've seen her in uniform and it was so wild -- I was in the military and then went to college, and she went to college and then the military! We met in Organic Chemistry class at UVA, and I'd rather repeat the Air Force than that class, hands down. But I'd repeat that class ten times just to have Jen live nearby.

I visited the Oklahoma City National Memorial -- how sobering. The chain link fence with all the momentos and tokens just overwhelmed me. Then there was the Field of Empty Chairs. Each victim is memorialized with a chair, and the thing to got to me was the number of LITTLE chairs, for the children that were killed. Overall, it was a very well-done memorial, probably the nicest I've seen, even with all the ones I've visited in DC. Go see it if you are in the area.

On to books. Flying on planes and waiting in airports gives me a primo chance to read, and I finished up quite a lot. The night before I left, I finished James Patterson's "Cross". I'm not sure why I keep getting James Patterson's books out. They're a quick read and fast-paced, but I keep getting annoyed by some of his writing styles. But I keep getting them! And he's laughing all the way to the bank.

A better book was Joseph Kanon's "Los Alamos". It's the third of Kanon's books I've recently read ("The Good German", "Alibi") and Kanon has a style, too -- guy meets girl early on, falls madly in love immediately, etc. But the thing I like about Kanon is good plot, good history lessons, good story. "Los Alamos" is about the Manhattan Project, and while it's a fictional book, it covers a lot of interesting info about the making of the first nuclear bomb. It's a great murder mystery steeped in science and history.

I then read one of my favorite author's latest, "Echo Park" by Michael Connelly. I love Harry Bosch and this one read fast!

OK, that got me all caught up -- more later!

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