Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Surviving Dental Insurance

I used to be afraid of the dentist. Not anymore. Now I'm afraid of the BILL! Can someone tell me WHY dental insurance bascially only covers that little cup of mouthwash they give you to swish and spit with? It sure isn't paying for anything else!

Last week a tooth broke in half around an old filling. Fine. Off to the dentist, where I get a temporary crown.

After insurance -- $525.00

Today I go back because my jaw is still sore and hurting and it shouldn't be. Due to the cracked tooth, the root is now dying. Giddyup, root canal time.

After insurance --- $200.00

I go back on the 14th for the permanent crown and for them to do the second half of the root canal -- who knows WHAT that will cost!

Cripes. I'm going to bed with my Vicodin.

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