Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'm in Beadstyle Magazine!

I just got my copy of Beadstyle Magazine, and I have an article on pages 70-73! Funny how it happened. I got the carnelian briolettes from Ebay, and at the time, I hadn't done anything with briolettes other than wire wrap them for earrings. The strand of beads was so pretty, I wanted to use ALL of them together.

So I strung them up in groups of three, and the spacing was off -- the center of the necklace didn't have a triplet. I had a piece of leftover chain lying on the work table, so got to playing around with it and came up with the centerpiece. The entire necklace took me some time because I kept stringing it, then tearing it apart as I tried to get the charm clusters just right, so when I got done, I thought, "I have to show somebody this danged thing." So on a whim, I emailed a photo of it to Beadstyle, thinking they might put it in their customer inspiration gallery.

I got an email back in a couple of weeks asking if I could send the necklace in, so I sent it, along with the matching bracelet, and they got back in touch and said they wanted it as a full-fledged article. Took about a year to fit into their publishing schedule, but it's in the magazine now and I couldn't be more thrilled.

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