Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Charms and Candy Beads

I just joined a charm exchange group -- I make 21 charms, and get 20 back (one from each of 20 different designers). The lady who organizes this must have the patience of a saint! From what I've seen, the charms are going to be very neat and very varied in technique, from beads to clay to found objects to you name it. I didn't have time to make what I had envisioned since I joined in late, so made a bunch of charms using handmade artisan lampwork, crystal, and silver:

I'll show you what I receive when they arrive!

I posted some Valentine's-Day-Inspired necklaces on my web site -- three gorgeous fused glass dichroic hearts. I'm also going to make a fun bracelet with these marvelous candy beads I got last year. The packaging alone was to die for -- take a look!

Does it get any cuter? White chocolates but they're glass, I assure you, no matter how realistic they look!

Tomorrow Zack turns FOUR. I can't even believe it. How did he get so old so FAST? We're having his official birthday party on the 19th, so tomorrow is total Mommy/Zack day. We're going to the grocery store first thing to buy cupcake fixings, including whatever "sprinkles" he wants to decorate them with. Once we bake them, I have to let them cool, but Zack isn't known for his patience (then, neither am I!) so while they're cooling, we're going over the bridge to the Toys R Us in Annapolis. He got a little gift card from them for being in their "Birthday Club" (clever marketing idea, that) and is dying to spend all $3 of it! My plan is to let him pick out a new railroad piece -- his big brother Colin put this masterpiece together for him in his playroom:

So I think we'll find a way station of some sort -- the engine car wash, the fire house, something like that.

I still just can't believe he's FOUR.

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