Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Play Date with Trains

Sorry I haven't been posting anything with substance lately -- with the holidays coming, I am just stretched for time. Tonight was the first night I was able to see the bottom of my beading table, in fact!

My friend Mina and her two munchkins came to play with Zack. Our dining room is in the process of being converted to an exercise/play room (and we're remodeling my office, as well as the entry way, much fun, much mess). We moved Zack's Thomas the Tank Engine train table into storage as he wasn't playing with it anymore, but still had the huge tote full of track and trains. The kids, completely without adult help, built the coolest train track:

It was only partially built when I took this photo. They even ignored the chocolate chip cookie pops I made them for their snack, they were so engrossed!

Zack is out of preschool for the time being, too, and is home with me ALL the time now. We're going to enroll in a more established one that will better challenge him this fall (with any luck at all -- the two we're looking at are really popular). Zack is such a smart, inquisitive little guy, and he needs a better learning environment. Til then, I'm going to have to figure out how to keep him busy! Today we made paper chains for his Christmas tree and painted, and did a lot of reading, and we went to the gym where he got to go nuts on the new play gym they have -- that thing is HUGE!

Oh, books! Just finished The Doctor's Wife. It was interesting, but a tough read emotionally. I'm now reading Amish Confidential, which is equally tough. I got through Chapter Four while riding the bike at the gym today and had to stop because I was a little nauseated, and not from riding that bike! The only thing that comforted me was knowing that Chris Burkholder's experience isn't the norm. At least I hope not.

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