Friday, December 29, 2006

Merry Christmas (a little late!)

Well, I'm a few days late, but here's how we spent Christmas!

Amazingly, Zack went right to sleep on Christmas Eve and we all got up at a reasonable hour on Christmas morning. Zack was excited to see what showed up under the tree:

The first thing he saw was this big rug we got with roads and things on it for his car collection. He immediately had to go find a car to try it out.

Traditionally, we open our stocking first, and Zack got into that -- chocolate at the bottom, and neat little packages all wrapped up in the middle:

The older boys wrapped Rick's present in the sports page and duct tape:

Once all of the presents were opened, Rick, Colin, and Ryan descended like a hurricane on my office (where we had the tree). Poor Zack had no warning that they were going to dismantle EVERYTHING, including the tree, so he was beside himself. Never fear, Mom to the rescue -- we took the tree upstairs and put it in his bedroom!

My office was then painted that day, and the next day, the floor was put in. Zack and I took off for a while and went shopping, as the chaos in the house was more than I could stand. I was without a computer as well, yikes. Wednesday we left for Pennsylvania to visit Rick's parents and brother, and as always, we had a great time. We got home today, and the quarter-round still has to be put in the office, plus the furniture won't arrive until the 3rd, so I'm sitting in the middle of the room with my computer on a folding table (and the rest of the house is still a disaster!).

The best part of the holidays was the little things -- having dinner all together, playing board games, lots of laughing -- things that really don't need a holiday to have happen. I'm keeping that in mind as top of my list for New Year's Resolutions.... celebrate each day as if it were Christmas.

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