Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Presents!

Today I went to a bead show a couple of hours away from here -- it was nice to get a little time away as I've been running myself ragged the past couple of months. I didn't have any intention of spending much (inventory = taxes) but I found the most amazing strand of beads that I just had to have. They're also the most EXPENSIVE beads I've ever purchased, but soooo worth it.

Kyanite is a really neat stone -- it's natural in color, a blue silicate mineral with a vitreous, pearly luster. The color varies widely, and even the "cheaper" strands aren't that cheap. Anyway, this strand is HUGE, 16mm beads. Their shine and luster are terrific. They'll go into something special!

So that was my present to myself!

Rick bought my present today -- an complete room of office furniture. It's antiqued white and cherry. This is the desk, but it will have a hutch on the top, and then there's the bookcases and all the rest that go with it. We're painting the walls of the office periwinkle blue and the guys are putting in the laminate floors next week. Major overhaul!

My gift to Rick is actually a gift for all of us. For the past two years we've talked about getting a kayak, ever since we got hooked on it when visiting friends in Florida. Something always came up -- we just never seemed to get around to getting one. So today I went in and ordered a tandam kayak, so all three of us can go out.

So, the kayak and one of the paddles is on order -- I was able to walk out with the other paddle. The shop owner gave me a photo of the kayak to wrap up to put under the tree, but I couldn't figure out how or where I'd hide a nearly 8' paddle! And of course I stink at keeping surprises secret. I ended up knocking on our front door, and when Rick opened it, I'm standing there with this paddle. He is all confused, what the heck do I have a paddle for, and I say, "You'll need that for THIS!" and hand him the photo. Very cool reaction followed!

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