Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve to you all!

Today was a normal day for the most part -- we started dismantling my office to start painting and ripping out the floors, so of course I can't find a thing. I actually made a fair amount of jewelry, and will be getting those photos fixed soon.

After dinner, I took Zack out to look at Christmas lights (both of us in our pajamas). I wish there were a house here that had really ROCKING lights, but there were a few that did ok! Zack thoroughly enjoyed it so that's all that counts.

We opened our one Christmas present, a Christmas tradition I started a while back -- the present we open on Christmas Eve is an ornament. Zack got a handcarved snowman and promptly had to get big-brother Ryan to pick him up so he could put it on his tree. I got the latest Swarovski snowflake (I collect those) but quickly found out that clear crystal just doesn't show up on a white tree!

Surprisingly, after counting down the days on the calendar, Zack passed out pretty quick when we put him to bed. Now, I have no idea how early he'll get up! I told Rick he has to keep him upstairs until we're all ready to go down, as one of his presents, a huge rug with roads on it for his cars, was too big to wrap and we have it spread out on the floor.

After Zack went to bed, Ryan, Colin, and I played Monopoly, by the real rules, and with no cheating (I'd never played but apparently, that was an important note from them, as I think it gets cut-throat between those guys!). I'd never really played it, just played AT it when I was a kid, and my sister and I never really understood the rules. This time was hilarious and a lot of fun, and I ended up winning just because I flew below the radar and didn't add too many houses to my properties too fast!

OH, it's 12:04, so MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!!!!!

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