Friday, November 03, 2006

New Show for Next Year

I just got my acceptance into a new show for next year, the McLean Jewelry Showcase in McLean, VA. If you're in the DC/Northern VA area February, please be sure to come visit!

I started a new book today, a non-fiction book called Rumspringa by Tom Schacthman. It's a sociological view of the coming-of-age period of Amish teenagers, and their decision to stay within the Amish religion or leave it. My inlaws live in Amish country, so that's where the interest came from. I have a deep faith in God but I can't imagine this type of life. I have relatives on my father's side that weren't Amish but were related to the Brethren church (Old Order Dunkards) and I remember one family that loosely followed some of the rules -- women wearing bonnets, men wearing black and black hats, driving only a black car, etc -- but that was tame compared to the Amish.

If you've visited my website recently, you'll see that I've been adding a ton of things -- it's time for holiday buying, after all! Please take a look!
Here's just a few things that haven't made the site yet (let me know if you're interested) - I have so much more than ever makes it to the site!

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