Sunday, November 05, 2006

Later that night...

I've been working like the Energizer Bunny all weekend adding things to the web site and still have a ton of things that aren't on that I'm taking to my shows this month. I'll put some photos below so you can see.

Rick and I also worked all weekend on my new booth set up. Just as I got to where I liked my booth, I got some good feedback from some high-end, difficult-to-get-into shows that they loved my jewelry, but I needed a more "gallery like" booth -- meaning, no tables. So we sunk another huge chunk of change on revamping.... new vertical displays, track lighting, etc. It's going to take me some getting used to, and I'll still use the other display set up for outdoor shows, I think, but we'll see how this turns out and is received. I'll have photos next week.

Today Rick took Zack to one of Rick's friends houses for a few minutes, and Zack got his first taste of a trampoline. The other three (older) kids would get on and start jumping, and poor little Zack would get bounced all over (not that he really didn't like it!). Then Zack would yell, "Stop jumping!" and everyone would stop, Zack would bounce-bounce-fall-giggle, and they'd start all over again. Last time I was on a trampoline, I was hooked to a harness so I could practice tricks while training for an aerobics competition and I can't say I miss it!

OK, so here's some eye candy for you! And there's more at

This is SO pretty. That's a BIG chunk of Swarovski crystal, their latest pendant shape (De-Art). BEAUTIFUL, even if you're not normally drawn to gold.

This is so fun and funky. The pendant is hand-painted porcelain, and the rest is made of smoky quartz and dyed jade.
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I have no idea why I fell in love with these ocean jasper stones when I went to a bead show this summer. They're big, and chunky, and so full of character. The large Thai Hill Tribe pendant just seemed made for those beads.
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Beautiful Swarovski crystal and a handmade lampwork bead from Charmaine Jackson.
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I used five 16" strands of rare larimar to make this four-strand necklace -- I love it! Not even sure if I will sell it yet.

Comments, or want to buy one of these? Email me! I'd love to hear from you.

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