Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Rick sent me flowers today -- aren't they pretty? :-) A sweet reminder that it's becoming "museum weather". Once the rush of the holidays and shows are over, we usually hit the Smithsonian pretty often. Yeah, sure, it's cold in January but there are always hot chocolate vendors on the sidewalks, and there's just something really neat about being in the heart of Washington DC.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What You Missed

I'm working like mad updating the web site -- orders are coming in every day now, so expect it to get updated massively and constantly over the next couple of weeks. Not much time to chat, but wanted to show you some of the pieces I took to Virginia Beach that sold and never made it to the web site:

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Busy weekend in Virginia Beach

A very long weekend is almost over -- we arrived in Virginia Beach on Wednesday to set up my booth for the craft show. Colin, Rick's 21-year old, came with us, but Ryan was driving up from Virginia Tech and got into a minor fender-bender. The weather was hideous -- rain and major wind, and it was one of those hydroplane-effect accidents. Fortunately, he's just fine (his car, not so much) and a rental car got him here in no time.

Thursday I got the luxury of sleeping VERY late, after a night of reading (also very late). I finally finished "Lisey's Story" and picked up a collection of short stories by Shirley Jackson, "Just an Ordinary Day". It's a collection of stories, many that had never been published before, and I'm really enjoying them. You may remember reading Shirley Jackson in high school, when English teachers made us read "The Lottery".

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were the show, and as much as I love doing craft shows, I'm exhausted and glad this is the last one of the year. I had three shows just this month and I'm whipped.

This week I'll be adding jewelry to the web site -- I made a lot for the shows that I never had on the web, and I'll be clearing out all of the sold items, so look for PLENTY to look at.

I also wanted to thank my loyal customers who have attended the shows this year -- I love seeing you all and you've helped make this year the best ever!

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I'm leaving for the Virginia Beach Christmas Market tomorrow, so in case I can't upload this later:
Hug your family, visit with friends, and have a great Thanksgiving!

Today announced our partnership -- I create their line of jewelry! They also listed my web site on their 2006 Holiday Gift Guide. Check out their web magazine for arts, culture, and entertainment.

Books -- I'm still reading Stephen King's Lisey's Story -- I would have been done a long time ago but I've been working late every night due to this being the super-busy season of shows and web sales and it's all I can do to keep half an eye open by the time I get to bed.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!

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Friday, November 17, 2006

a new Hannibal Lechter book!

I have to admit, I really loved the movie "Silence of the Lambs" and I even own the book in Korean (from my linguist days) and was very excited when I got an email about a prequel called "Hannibal Rising", a book that is supposed to tell us why Hannibal became the way he is. Just preordered it at Amazon, due out in December!

The ALS Artisan Boutique is this Sunday, and I'm working to get ready for both it and a huge show on Thanksgiving Weekend. I hope if you're in the Annapolis, MD area, you'll stop by the Sheraton hotel near the mall and check it out!

And as always, a little eye candy:

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Legos Rock!

Zack has finally discovered that we have two huge bins of Legos -- rather, he's discovered he likes building with them rather than hurling them all over the room, as he did when he was younger.

He warms my heart.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Back from the show

Totally exhausted, a ton of things to catch up on, but wanted to share the new booth -- as with most photos, it looks better in person (I forgot that the track lights were on and it just lit things weird) but I'm always changing things with my booth anyway, so this is just a start.

I had a terrific time -- this is one of my favorite shows, and my third year here, and even with 75° weather Friday and Saturday, the turnout was fantastic.

Off to bed -- I just started reading Stephen King's latest, Lisey's Story, and need to just relax -- next show is Sunday, then another Thanksgiving weekend!

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Eye Candy

I'm leaving tomorrow for a big show in Northern Virginia and as always is the case before a show, I'm busy making "just one more piece" to put in the case to take with me. I've finally stopped for the evening and wanted to show you a few bits.

Oh, and also got a nice bit of free publicity -- Women's View Magazine featured one of my necklaces, along with a bit of info, when writing an article about the ALS Artisan Boutique that I'll be participating in later this month. Several other stellar artists were featured. It was so neat to have someone walk up to me yesterday and say, "I saw your work in a magazine!"

So here's some eye candy, both adult jewelry and cute children's jewelry:

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Importance of Safety

Tonight Zack and I were playing a game, and the backdrop was various planets. He looked at one and knew it was Jupiter because of the big red spot. Then he looked at me and said very earnestly, "We could go to Jupiter if we wore our seat belts."

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Later that night...

I've been working like the Energizer Bunny all weekend adding things to the web site and still have a ton of things that aren't on that I'm taking to my shows this month. I'll put some photos below so you can see.

Rick and I also worked all weekend on my new booth set up. Just as I got to where I liked my booth, I got some good feedback from some high-end, difficult-to-get-into shows that they loved my jewelry, but I needed a more "gallery like" booth -- meaning, no tables. So we sunk another huge chunk of change on revamping.... new vertical displays, track lighting, etc. It's going to take me some getting used to, and I'll still use the other display set up for outdoor shows, I think, but we'll see how this turns out and is received. I'll have photos next week.

Today Rick took Zack to one of Rick's friends houses for a few minutes, and Zack got his first taste of a trampoline. The other three (older) kids would get on and start jumping, and poor little Zack would get bounced all over (not that he really didn't like it!). Then Zack would yell, "Stop jumping!" and everyone would stop, Zack would bounce-bounce-fall-giggle, and they'd start all over again. Last time I was on a trampoline, I was hooked to a harness so I could practice tricks while training for an aerobics competition and I can't say I miss it!

OK, so here's some eye candy for you! And there's more at

This is SO pretty. That's a BIG chunk of Swarovski crystal, their latest pendant shape (De-Art). BEAUTIFUL, even if you're not normally drawn to gold.

This is so fun and funky. The pendant is hand-painted porcelain, and the rest is made of smoky quartz and dyed jade.
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I have no idea why I fell in love with these ocean jasper stones when I went to a bead show this summer. They're big, and chunky, and so full of character. The large Thai Hill Tribe pendant just seemed made for those beads.
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Beautiful Swarovski crystal and a handmade lampwork bead from Charmaine Jackson.
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I used five 16" strands of rare larimar to make this four-strand necklace -- I love it! Not even sure if I will sell it yet.

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Fire Mountain Gems Finalist again

I was just notified that a pair of my earrings and a necklace are finalists in this year's Fire Mountain Gems Beading Contest. Too cool! So they'll be featured in a catalog sometime next year! Fire Mountain is the first bead catalog I ever ordered from, and I continue to use it to this day for certain things. Their catalogs are free, so if you've ever wanted to try beading, I highly recommend getting one! But beware, beading is addictive!

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Friday, November 03, 2006

New Show for Next Year

I just got my acceptance into a new show for next year, the McLean Jewelry Showcase in McLean, VA. If you're in the DC/Northern VA area February, please be sure to come visit!

I started a new book today, a non-fiction book called Rumspringa by Tom Schacthman. It's a sociological view of the coming-of-age period of Amish teenagers, and their decision to stay within the Amish religion or leave it. My inlaws live in Amish country, so that's where the interest came from. I have a deep faith in God but I can't imagine this type of life. I have relatives on my father's side that weren't Amish but were related to the Brethren church (Old Order Dunkards) and I remember one family that loosely followed some of the rules -- women wearing bonnets, men wearing black and black hats, driving only a black car, etc -- but that was tame compared to the Amish.

If you've visited my website recently, you'll see that I've been adding a ton of things -- it's time for holiday buying, after all! Please take a look!
Here's just a few things that haven't made the site yet (let me know if you're interested) - I have so much more than ever makes it to the site!

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Thursday, November 02, 2006