Friday, October 06, 2006

Jewelry Party, Rainy Day

Back from the jewelry party -- fun night! The weather here was nasty (cold and rainy) but that didn't stop people from turning out. Now I'm getting ready to head to bed and finish another book -- believe it or not, "Sex in the City" by Candace Bushnell. The book preceded the series, but I never once watched the show. I'm not fond of SJP or Kim Cattrall so never bothered to watch. I've read all of the other books Candace Bushnell wrote and enjoyed them -- they're mind fluff, but fun -- but never read this one. I have no idea what the series is like, but I got halfway through the book in one evening. Sometimes you just need a brain break, you know?

I've been working on some more chain maille, and this is a piece I made with full persian weave and some large polymer clay and gold leaf beads -- interesting! The chain is bulky and chunky and was a perfect match for the beads, which while large, and really light-weight.

This one is also made with polymer clay -- a little psychedelic take on rose buds! Swarovski crystal adds some glitter.

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