Monday, October 23, 2006

Halloween Pumpkin

We have two jack o'lanterns -- one Zack and I decorated with Mr. Potato Head fixtures (like a witch). The second one, I got the brainstorm of buying quilting pins (the ones with the round bead on the end) and using up my stash of kids beads to decorate. I have a monster jar of plastic and glass beads that I take out whenever my friends bring their kids over -- it's been a source of unending entertainment for them, and a great way to recycle funky beads!

Zack did a LOT of this pumpkin all by himself. I was quite impressed that he didn't prick his finger once (he left that to me!) and he was quite engrossed in his activity. What you can't see is the back of the pumpkin, where there aren't any beads. He thought the back needed decorating, too, so he scribbled pink hair on her.

I just adore my son.

And just because I can't help it, here are photos of Zack's first Halloween, 2003....

And in 2004, he was less than thrilled that the Jack O'Lantern stole his paci:

See why I adore him????

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