Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fabulous Weekend

This was a great weekend. On Friday, Zack and I went over the bridge to Annapolis to go to the mall (his choice) and he was SUCH a good boy. I ended up buying him this cool sit-on scooter thing that doesn't need batteries and doesn't require pedaling -- it moves by your wiggling the steering wheel and your body weight. He had so much fun trying it out, and was so successful at it, that I couldn't resist. He still has trouble with pedals and since he's got this temperment that gets frustrated easily, I thought it would give him a boost of confidence, and help him get back on the pedaling bikes with less irritation.

Zack has been watching this cool DVD we got from the library (we've checked it out twice now) about volcanos and planets. On the way home from the mall, a truck kicked up a rock and it hit the van really hard, and Zack said, "OH! A meteor rock hit us!" Thought I would die laughing.

Saturday all of us went to a craft show, this time as visitors, which was nice! I usually am so busy working one that I never have time to look around. We got some awesome things and it was a great family day.

On the way home, we stopped at a new furniture store in town, and I got a new kitchen table and chairs (well, a new work table, since that's where I make jewelry) and a big comfy chair for Rick for our anniversary. Can't wait for that to be delivered!

And then of course, I made jewelry:

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