Monday, October 09, 2006

Breast Cancer Survivor's Tea

I attended Maryland's Breast Cancer Survivor's Tea this Sunday, and what an event! I've never been in such a group of positive, dynamic women. There were between 150-200 survivors there, and everyone was so engaged, so cheerful -- it was uplifting to say the least. I was one of three vendors in attendance, and did better in three hours than I do in an entire day at some shows, and the country club put out a fabulous spread in a lovely venue. Congratulations to all the ladies who survived and are surviving and advocating for other women.

This evening I spent preparing for next year's shows -- applications are starting to come out and each one is a time-consuming job. It's like applying to college -- fill out this, write about that, pay the fee, and then cross your fingers until the envelopes come in the mail. If it's a fat envelope, yippee! If not, well darn. Plus, since I love to create with so many different types of beads, it's tough to narrow all that down to only four or five slides of my work. Often (especially in the jewelry category), there are 700 people applying for 100 spots, and jewelry is only a portion of that 100, but gets the most applicants.

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