Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Ruins

Wow. I just finished (in record time) "The Ruins" by Scott Smith. What a page-turner! If you like Stephen King and other types of horror-thriller books, you should like this one. It's about a group of people who head off for what should have been a day's outing in the Mexican jungle, and what happens when, oh woops, it turns into a nightmare. Because it's not written with chapters to at least give you a breath to say, "OK, it can't get any worse", the suspense keeps building. It didn't end quite like I thought it would, but in retrospect, it ended the only way it COULD end. Makes you think a lot, about "what would I do in that situation". Highly recommend it!

After nearly two weeks of an on-again/off-again migraine, I got a shot of Imitrex and finally had a day where I didn't need to hide from the light under the covers. Thank goodness, because I have the Occoquan show this weekend. Migraines just stink. Normally I get one and its gone in a couple hours or so. This time it just hung on and on. At least I got a lot of jewelry made this month so I'm not behind.

Today I met up with a friend and we took Zack and her two daughters to the park -- what a LOVELY day today was! Perfect blue sky, perfect temperature -- the kids ran themselves silly and it was one of those "I love being a parent" moments.

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