Friday, September 01, 2006

Raining Cats and Dogs (But I Have New Earrings!)

It has been pouring the rain down all day, and WINDY, but I didn't have to go out in any of it so I actually could enjoy watching it. Thank goodness I cancelled my show for this weekend because it would have been held in a huge mud pit!

I still got all dressed up for the appointment I thought I was having (the shop called and said do NOT go out in this weather) and am wearing a new pair of earrings I bought from artist Angela Walker. First of all, I've always admired the photo on her opening web page (click her name to visit her site) but I've also always loved her jewelry. I wanted a pair of earrings she made but they were already sold, and I emailed her and she made me a pair! I'm actually wearing them right now. They're fabulous! Looks like she has more in stock, so grab them if you want them!

I made a ton of new stuff myself today, lots on the web site. Working with fall colors, and check this one out -- not on the site, but don't you love it? Chunky moukite and a BIG vermeil bead. Very, very simple, but the moukite is SO pretty, with a full range of color from ivory to gold to mahogany pink. Delicious.

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