Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mommy-Son day

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingToday Zack and I had a great mommy-son day. We lay around in bed watching cartoons until 9am and then decided we wanted to go to Arundel Mills. It's about an hour away, and we have a little routine when we go -- we hit Old Navy (I finished getting Zack's winter wardrobe) and we get a bouncy ball from their huge "bubble gum" machine.

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We then went to see the gigantic fish aquarium at Bass Pro Shops. There are ENORMOUS cat fish in there, among other things!

We then hit those little mechanical cars you stick quarters in, and then I was able to do a little shopping at TJ Maxx. I'm always scoping them out for cool things for my booth display, and today I got a VERY cool shabby-chic metal mirror and a box to display rings in. Love that store -- you never know what you're going to find!

On a totally different topic, some friends of mine on a jewelry forum were discussing the perception of beaded jewelry versus silver-smithed jewlery in the show circuit. There are many show promoters (in the big shows, in particular) who look down on beaded jewelry and call it "assembly" jewelry. I am completely in agreement that beaded jewelry is different than jewelry that requires soldering and stone setting and lapidary techniques -- it's fabulous stuff but I personally just have no interest in that side of jewelry making.

I love the challenge of finding just the right stones or silver or handmade lampwork and putting them together into something beautiful that DOESN'T look like something you'd see on anyone any day of the week. And with what seems to be a million and a half beaders out there, it's a

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challenge to stay unique and creative and not mundane. I do a lot of things -- I make my own chains, I do a fair amount of wire work, and sooner or later I may try my hand at melting glass. But I doubt I'll ever stop stringing beads -- it's just too much fun! Believe me, there are so many ways to string, so many materials available, and so many techniques to learn, that I should never get bored. And I have the client base that tells me that's what they like, too.

So if there are any art and craft show promoters out there, take a second look at us "stringers" -- we're certainly not all the same!

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