Sunday, September 03, 2006

LOVE long weekends

This has been a great long weekend. I actually got up early today (well, early for me on a weekend, 8:30) and had the house to myself because Rick and Zack went to Dover to shop. Got a LOT done and am now clearing the piles of paper off my desk, flipping through catalogs, etc. And I have one more day where I can sleep late (yay!) . There is a distinct advantage to me being a night person and Rick being an early riser!

Got a note today from a friend of mine -- she's having her first baby, due in December! And one of my other friends had her baby this weekend, and another is due in March. (Am I forgetting anyone?) The cool thing is I get to buy fun gifts for them. So check out these cute things I found while looking:

From -- Having Kids is Like Being Pecked by a Duck. I laughed out loud when I saw this, and if you have little kids, you are probably laughing, too!

Also from -- the Rules of Life! Again, if you have kids, you already know these. By heart.

Aren't kids great?

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