Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Early Morning

For no good reason I couldn't sleep last night, so when Rick got up to go to work at 3:30am, I got up, too. I am SO not a morning person but was doing GREAT this AM, and got a ton of stuff done and jewelry made (not to mention got caught up on a backlog of TIVO -- I am so glad House is back on!). Got Zack to preschool, went to Coffee East for a coffee, and back home for more work. By the time I got Zack and had lunch, I was about to fall down. Both of his had naps today!

Zack has this new thing he says when he doesn't want something -- he says, "I can't love it". He has this sincere little look on his face and it's really cute -- except of course when I'm trying to get something healthy into him. I think this child lives on air.

Tomorrow Zack and I heading to Annapolis for a shopping trip -- he's getting so tall! Kidlet needs fall pants! He has definite opinions on his likes and dislikes, so I'm sure I'll here "I can't love it" more than once tomorrow!

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