Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Books and Rings

I spent the entire weekend with strep throat (ACK!) and the only good thing about it was being able to catch up on my reading.

I finished The Birth of Venus -- great book, but at the end, I found myself saying, "No, no, do THIS, not THAT, and you'll be happier!" but of course, this was Florence, Italy, in the 1500's. Women weren't even supposed to be artists back then, can you believe it? Interesting the shifts and changes over time. I liked the twists at the end, and although the book didn't capture me quite as well as In the Company of the Courtesan, I would certainly recommend it. As usual when I read historical fiction novels, I found myself marking up pages to look things up for later -- more info on Savonarola, things like that.

I also finished The Regime, the prequel to the Left Behind series. The writing is a little rudimentary but I loved the first 12 books -- well, I loved the first half and then liked the last ones -- and I was glad to see the prequel. I've just started reading the 3rd book in the prequel (there's supposed to be four) and will probably finish that tonight.

Zack started back to his "old" preschool today. The summer just FLEW by and I can hardly believe it. He got a lot out of his summer session, particularly some gross motor skills that he could only have improved by playing on the playground with all the other kids.

I got back to making jewelry today -- amazing how three days in bed will make you so TIRED. But I'll leave you with some photos -- I started making rings (that first bead is from Michele Goldstein) :
And I've been playing with wire a lot more -- the last is a pendant I made with an awesome etched bead by Kandice Seeber. Twisting all that wire will give you some pretty awesome callouses, let me tell you!

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