Saturday, August 19, 2006

XM Radio Channel 44 ROCKS!

Today XM Radio channel 44 (Fred) had an INCREDIBLE 10 hour Club Retro event -- lots of songs I remember from my clubbing days, but remixed or extended versions or what have you, all mixed like you were at a club. LOVED it. Erasure, Electronic, Big Audio Dynamite, Depeche Mode, New Order, Anything Box, Book of Love, Gene Loves Jezebel, Yaz -- oh man. Such a blast from the past. All day I thought about my friends Kristin and Jesse and how instrumental they were in my musical awakening, as it were! Isn't technology great? I don't know what we did before XM and TIVO.

Met my dad in Chantilly, VA today to take him to his first bead, gem, and jewelry show, Intergem. Had a fabulous time, and he's hooked. He's always liked and been interested in how jewelry is made and he bought a few neat things -- some loose stones for setting and a terrific strand of big amethyst nuggets for me to make a necklace for my step-mom. And since I didn't spend all of my money I'd set aside, I stopped in Annapolis and bought a spare pair of glasses -- these new ones are funky-cool, and purple!

SO looking forward to sleeping late..........

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