Friday, August 04, 2006

Trivial Pursuit Night

I love when Rick's older boys come home -- first of all, Zack just adores them, and they're super with him, but second, we get some good family time in. Tonight we played two rounds of Trivial Pursuit and it was tons of fun. I swear I've learned more history from playing that game than I ever learned in high school history class. And I'm always amazed at the random knowledge we end up knowing.

While we were playing I made a really neat chain maille bracelet and started a second -- but there comes a point when you get too tired to see tiny jump rings and it all goes wonky.

Signed a ton of papers to put an offer on the house -- we really don't think they'll take it because we refuse to budge on the price, but that's ok. The right thing ALWAYS happens (you just sometimes have to wait for it!).

My friend Kelly came over today with her son Daniel, and later Christy and her two girls stopped by, and then a customer came by with HER son, so we had a house full of kids under the age of 5 for a while! Is there anything quite as cool as the sound of kids giggling and laughing in sheer pleasure?

Glad it's the weekend -- I have big plans on getting jewelry made, because this month starts the really busy time of year -- many shows, lots of work. And I love it! I was reading some stuff from friends about work in the corporate sector, and I don't miss that one bit.

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